▶  Career development practisioner who started out in British civil service and challenges the development industry to be more effective.

▶  Another white male academic who uses field work, experiments and statistics to answer questions about poverty and policy in developing countries, often with counterintuitive answers.

▶  Good site for keeping up with the current conversation about the relationship between complexity, complex adaptive systems, and planned development.

Stories of life in a changing world which help humanize big development questions. 

From Duncan Green, strategic advisor to Oxfam, this blog explores how change happens and how data is used in development.

Data and Evaluation

▶  Hans Rosling’s accessible unveiling of the beauty of statistics for a fact based world.

▶  An ambitious attempt to make huge amounts of data on development issues easily accessible.

▶  Access to Pikketty’s data that he used for Capital. Not pretty but very rigorous.

General, News and Media

▶  Magazine that seeks to challenge the status quo in development.

▶  Be aware it is funded by the Gates foundation, not that I have anything against them.

▶  Devex is the media platform for the global development community. Has interesting job postings and forums.

▶  Everything you need to know about writing a grant and securing funding. Lots of amazing resources and databases.

 My alma mater.

▶  Stories and conversations about global health and social impact.

Jobs and Career

▶  Career guides and advice tailored for graduates that are looking for a career in development related areas.

▶  One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was to go on Idealist and find your ideal job and work towards that job’s requirements.