Björk Digital

c0522ac9-fcd0-45d7-b9c5-06e95ae26d96I recently went to see this exhibition at Somerset house. Having never experienced VR it was mindblowing. About as mindblowing as TV was to Björk in the 90’s.

Being in a room with a bunch of strangers all blind to the outside world but all witnessing the same experience was slightly disorienting but it was a glimpse at what will surely be the future of communal viewing experiences.


It reminded me of How Not to Be Seen: A Fucking Didactic Educational .MOV File 2013, a fourteen-minute, single-channel video projection. It consists of five chapters or lessons, each proposing ironic and often humorous ways in which an individual can prevent themselves from being captured visually by digital technology, and adopts the structure and tone of an instructional presentation. Featuring the artist Hito Steyerl and other actors, including members of the crew that helped to shoot it, and narrated by an automated male voice with an English accent, the video addresses the condition of hyper-visibility that emerged in the early 2010s following developments in the way digital images can be created and disseminated, and archived online for the purposes of surveillance. The title of the video makes reference to a sketch from Monty Python’s Flying Circus. 


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