Britain Does Owe Reparations

I’m often ashamed to be British, but I am also proud of the political freedom there is in Britain to debate pretty much any issue.

“No wonder the sun couldn’t set on the British empire, because even God wouldn’t trust the British in the dark.”

Britain has a recent inclusive tradition of debate and giving forum to disparate views. While this is no excuse for my country’s abhorrent colonial behavior and does not atone for the wrongs that have been done, I do think that British adherence to cultural and political freedom is admiral. Question Time is a weekly television debate that features politicians from at least the three major political parties as well as other public figures who answer pre-selected questions put to them by an audience selected on the basis of its political views and demographic. See the recent episode after the Paris attacks –


2 thoughts on “Britain Does Owe Reparations”

  1. Dear Alexander Happy Christmas!! It is good to see that you are thinking of things – by your recent blog post …

    BUT – Don’t ever be ashamed of being British! You are a product of your heredity and it is up to you to be the best that you can be having had the advantages you have had in your life so far because of your heritage and the history of your/our nation. You cannot, must not give in to the PC idea that colonization was as you say ‘abhorrent’. You must take another point of view! So many countries would not have had order, government, systems – you know what I mean – and please tell me what countries like Zimbabwe and Guiana (and many more) would be like now if the British system had not been abandoned and destroyed by current regimes…..

    I fear California campus rhetoric has got you in its grip…. And if you think Question Time is a balanced forum then you are losing your critical faculties.

    No nation is perfect – as humans themselves are not…. There is evil everywhere but it is so important to forge ahead with true and logical thoughts and deeds and to try not to repeat the errors of the past and to understand the ‘laws of unintended consequences’ by thinking and acting ‘around the corner’ (at least three or four).

    Again, dear Alexander, I am glad you have the head on your shoulders that you do but do not think that you have anything to apologize for regarding the past but that you understand what hat happened and that you resolve to be the best and strongest person who can affect the worlds around you in your time on this earth.

    It must be so good to have Paul with you – please give him my love; we are with Vivecca, Jonny and LIv off and on over the next couple of weeks. Vivecca is expecting another baby in May which is lovely – she is feeling well and Liv is growing like a weed and becoming a good help.

    Jon and I are well and having a relaxing time here until the 8th January –

    With lots of love always


    Sent from the iPad of Mrs Moyni

  2. Dear Alexander It was so good to speak with you on Friday night….. I was talking at dinner tonight with a young man, now a political speechwriter for Owen Patterson who spent 3 years in DC working with NGOs and aid organizations and he wondered if you had read or come across a book called ‘The Tyranny of Experts’. …. He thought it was a good read… Anyway dearest it is late here in London so I must end… Lots of love always, Patricia

    Sent from the iPad of Mrs Moyni

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