Do schools kill creativity?

Since returning to education, I have often thought about Ken Robinson’s famed TED talk. Robinson argued that there has been widespread academic inflation and I feel I am a prime example of that process – I felt I needed an MA rather than a BA to make progress in the world. But do I need the MA to merely make progress professionally or do I need it to think more creatively and dynamically?

Robinson made this groundbreaking TED talk in 2006 (it has been the most viewed talk in TED’s history)

This talk was first released on DVD. TED only uploaded it the following year. That makes it appear as if the world has made incredible progress in that time, but have education systems? My most recent experience of higher education makes me think not. The system is still inherently hierarchical, and still holds the assumption that the highest position anybody could hope to achieve in this world is that of Professor. This appears to be a problem of Professor’s egos dominating the system but as Alexander Coward, the recently fired Math Professor at Berkeley, states it is about control.

See the story about Coward here

And read his paean to learning here

Also see a more recent RSA talk Sir Ken gave with more stimulating animations.

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