Is life on an African farm happy?

Harvesting happiness on a Kenyan farm video on BBC News.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 8.54.30 PMThis video made me dearly miss village life – its simplicity, the camaraderie, the connection with your food. But it is too simplistic to say that life on an African farm is happy. As Esther points out in the video there are things she wishes she could do that she isn’t able to living on a Kenyan farm – she will probably never travel abroad, she will not receive advanced healthcare, she will be exploited over the price of her crops, her children will not have access to excellent education.

But rural African life could teach urban Western life a great many things – the importance of food and water, working together as neighbors, and the unimportance of most unnecessary material things, and the beauty of a life not tied to money.

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