Law and Government in Africa

The Gambia came in at number 23 (out of 52) in the latest Index of African Governance, published annually by Mo Ibrahim, a Sudanese-British telecoms magnate.

This may not sound too bad but when you consider that Senegal, the only country that borders The Gambia, came in at number 9 the ranking seems worse. It maybe misguidedly seems it should be easier to ensure rule of law, participation and human rights, sustainable economic opportunity, and human development in the smallest country in continental Africa. One assumes that a smaller country should be easier to govern freely and fairly. If you make an analogy with teaching, I have always found it easier teaching a small class to a big class. But maybe it is easier to become a dictator within a small class or country. There are less people to hold you to account.

It is definitely easier to slip through the gaps when you are a small country and the international community takes less notice. Often The Gambia doesn’t even show up on international rankings, for example the World Justice Project’s Rule of Law index, a new global report that ranks countries’ adherence to the rule of law doesn’t include The Gambia. 

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