The Story of Poverty

story of poverty posted three interesting articles exploring the relationship between poverty and the predominant liberal capitalist system.

See them here

The articles attempt to explode the delusion that poverty is inevitable. Reading the articles made me think that measuring progress by GDP and income is the big delusion. Whether you are living off of 50 cents, $1.25 or $10,000 doesn’t tell you anything. It doesn’t tell you if you have access to clean water, healthcare or education. It doesn’t tell you whether you feel valued by your society, whether you have an input into how decisions are made, whether you have freedom.
The current system, although inherently unfair, does however foster progress. It encourages technological progress like no system before it in the history of human civilization. If I try to predict the future, no doubt a futile operation, I see so much progress. I see the people who are suffering from poverty today having access to so many more solutions to the difficulties of living in this world than we have today. In the not too distant future they will have access to communication systems that we can only begin to imagine, they will have sources of solar or wind energy thousands of times more efficient, water filtration systems so simple and long lasting we will wonder how people managed without them, new inclusive ways to participate in government, lean and efficient health technologies which can diagnose and treat infectious disease, and access to educational technologies that will near wipe out illiteracy and innumeracy.
These solutions will mainly be developed in richer countries, the people who will profit from them monetarily will mainly be the 1%, but people the world over will benefit from them. Is that sort of progress merely palliative? Will the world be a better place? Or will the world never be a better place until it’s fairer? I’m still undecided unto whether the progress that the current system fosters is inherently caused by it’s unfairness, or if there is a way for the rapid technological advancement to carry on progressing in a system with an economically fairer distribution of wealth.

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