Although The Gambia has not had a single case of Ebola and Senegal had only a single imported case from Guinea, being in that part of the world so recently has made me think more about the recent Ebola outbreak than I would have had I not been living in The Gambia for the past two years. Sadly many other people also make this association between The Gambia and Ebola which only serves to further the damage done by this horrific epidemic. The Gambia and all of West Africa has been damaged by the outbreak in a myriad of ways –


from restrictions on travel and misguided prejudice


to decimating the burgeoning tourist industry


So I’d implore you to remind people that being uneducated about the outbreak only serves to further the damage it causes.


To get a better idea of the terrifying nature of the virus I’d recommend this –


And also this insightful piece about why the virus exploded in Liberia whilst showing that it is not just a health problem; it is a political and social problem too. It also shines some light on the US’s ‘complicated’ relationship with Liberia.


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