There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.


My host sister Yassin

An attempt at a misguided good deed – my nine year old host sister Yassin has been bugging me about going to school. I told her yes we could get her to go to school. I said I would buy her a uniform and and a book and a pencil and she could come and start grade 1 the next week. I then spoke to her mother Fatou about her starting school. In hindsight, clearly the wrong order of doing things. Fatou abashedly told me that she needed Yassin to help her in the compound. Fatou, as the mother of four other sons and one other baby daughter needs all the help she can get, and without Yassin’s help with all the cooking, water fetching, sweeping, gardening to name but a few of her chores, she would really struggle. I should have known this before I misguidedly gave a young girl false hope. I stuck my big smelly well intentioned foot in and confused Yassin whilst making Fatou feel guilty that she was denying her daughter something that she wanted to do. A big pat on the back Alex.

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