Missing motivation

Motivation is a struggle in my work here. I have no boss breathing down my neck. I have no hope of promotion. No effective performance reviews. No options for a pay rise. No quantifiable targets that I must reach. No competition with my fellow workers. No employee of the month. No assessment – critical or otherwise. No peer review. No performance related bonuses. No share options. No judging eyes. No quotas to fulfill.

Just insular guilt, boredom and selfishness.

I want to find a clear injustice to fight. Education seems a grey area to me currently. I have just finished reading John le Carre’s ‘The Constant Gardener’. It is full of clear evils, clear motivations, clear battles to fight. One mans struggle to avenge his wifes death at the hands of evil pharmaceutical companies due to her white knight AID work highlighting their selfish exploitation and use of African people as guinea pigs. It’s a work of fiction. I’m not sure if those difficult life journeys of easy morals exist in the real world.

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