Screaming for different reasons

I’m thinking back to the screaming children of my past life. In the U.K I used to work as a teaching assistant in a school for kids with behavioral problems, they screamed for very different reasons to the screaming kids here. In the U.K they screamed at me, they swore at me, they bit me, they spat at me, they punched me. Here it is an insular screaming, it’s not at me, it’s not at anyone because no one listens.

You develop a numbness to the screaming that comes from an unsupervised class at the school. You can’t supervise all the children all of the time here. You don’t have enough teachers and it’s not prioritized. There is no approach to behavior here, no consequence for a misdeed. No praise for good behaviour. Chaos reigns, yet still the kids are better behaved than the kids in the UK. They yearn for structure, where the British kids ache for anarchy. They chase chastisement, where the Brits seek a slice of indifference. The unfairness of the pie.

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