Pig swill?

The World Food Program (WFP) came and dumped our termly supply of the school feeding program. Although undoubtedly well intentioned it felt like a farmer coming to fill the trough with swill. They dumped fourteen 50kg bags of low grade surplus Asian rice, 50kg of Canadian split peas and 20 liters of oil. Some swill has more nourishment.

What good does it do? Why is it dumped here? Why is the money spent on it? Whose money is it? If it comes every term no matter what does the community become dependent on free malnourishment?

Is it better to have lots of malnourished children, or a smaller amount of well nourished children? Does giving out free food prevent people from growing their own food? Does it de-incentivize? Someone else will feed my children if I don’t.

I feel cold hearted asking these questions. Cowardly I don’t propose answers. I have a presumption that people brighter than me have analyzed these questions for the WFP and the food still comes.

Is the WFP just doing something because there is a consensus that something has to be done about Africa. Is dumping cheap food the easiest, least costly action? It’s no solution. Is it a problem?

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