Mmmmmmm Vimto

“Every man calls barbarous the thing he is not accustomed to.”



Things I love in The Gambia which I didn’t previously love

  1. Spiders – I love the spiders in the corners of my hut, they are like natural fly paper and they certainly eat well, which means less flies bugging me.
  2. Rain – it cools and makes things grow. This is good. In England I don’t like rain, it makes you wet.
  3. Milk powder – don’t knock milk powder and popcorn until you’ve tried it.
  4. Hydrocortisone cream – I have been lucky to have never suffered from skin problems. Here though, any fold in your skin e.g. armpit, knees. are prone to get gross. That is a medical term.
  5. Talcum powder – achieving dryness here is a struggle.

Things that I am surpised are popular in The Gambia and reasonably readily available (in the urban parts of Gambia)

  1. Vimto
  2. Mayonnaise – a Gambian delicacy is potato, pasta and mayo sandwiches. Not quite a BLT admittedly but enough starch and carbohydrates to last you for a week.

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