Clarified better

30th October

I feel I should clarify that I am having a good time in The Gambia. I fear my previous posts have at times sounded melodramatic and a bit extreme and depressing. Many of these posts have been adapted from my journal entries which have been a place for me to vent about life’s difficulties here and have rarely focused on the positives – the friends I’ve made, the amazing family that has taken me in, my awesome hut, the liberating children, the freeing bike rides, the near constant sunshine (admittedly a boon and a burden), my awesome small Paul dad and the packages he has sent and the phone calls he has made, to name but a few.

I’ve been here four months and I’ve learned so much, about myself, about people, about America, about The Gambia, and I wouldn’t change it for the world (well maybe if there had been a few more sandwiches involved it wouldn’t have hurt).

I also want to clarify that I am well looked after by Peace Corps. There is always a doctor available on the end of the phone and they have given me enough drugs and medicine to medicate an army should I need them.

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