When in Rome…..

3rd October

When in Rome, do as the Romans…..FUCK THAT! Rome perished. Gambia is hardly flourishing, but then again it hasn’t withered or become destructive. The aformentioned platitude became a maxim for me on how I should live my life when abroad that I have become unsuitably comfortable with. Usually this has been seen through what I eat, what leaisure activities I do, how I hold my body.

In Gambia you can’t really define yuorself and fit in by material actions. There’s not a great variety of food to learn about. There’s not even that much interest in food, obviously due to it’s scarcity it’s not a leisure activity or interest, it’s a necessity.

There aren’t really any leisure activities in the Gambia. Save for sitting. Gambians do a lot of sitting. I am constantly being implored to sit. Sit here, sit there, sit everywhere. Sitting is not a sub activity, it is an activity in and of itself. It’s not something you do whilst doing something else, yuo just do it. Occasionally you might drink some attaya, Gmabian ‘green’ tea. It’s an unengrossing activity which constists of sharing around one or two small cups of brown sugar water. It’s not really my cup of tea.

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